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How to buy land in Ukraine for a foreign citizen. Top 9 questions.

Can foreign citizens buy land in Ukraine?

Yes. But there are restrictions for foreign citizens.

What land can foreign citizens buy in Ukraine?

1. any land in the city (except agricultural);
2. land that are outside the city’s territory, but provided that there is real estate on them that belongs to foreign citizens (house, workshop, factory, warehouse, etc.). Except agricultural.

What lands can’t foreigners buy in Ukraine?

All other land, except those that are allowed to buy.

How to choose the right land for a foreign citizen to buy?

Two questions need to be clarified.
1. What category of land does the land belong to?
2. Where is the land located?

On the first question. Ukraine has 9 categories of land. In order to understand which land belongs to, it is necessary to study the documents of title to the land.

On the second question. Information about the location of the land is contained in the documents of title.

We recommend using the services of lawyers to verify documents of land. This will help avoid mistakes.

What documents do a foreign citizen need to buy a land?

– a foreigner must legally stay on the territory of Ukraine.
As a general rule, foreigners have the right to continuously stay in Ukraine for 90 days.
– the foreigner must have a TIN Ukraine.

What are the legal features when buying land by foreigners?

  • any contract (sale and purchase, exchange, donation, rent) must be certified by a notary.
  • all contracts are registered in the land registry.

What documents are needed to purchase a land?

  • documents of the seller, which confirm the ownership of the land
  • the seller’s passport and his TIN Ukraine
  • marriage certificate of the seller (if he / she is married)
  • a document that confirms that the land is not mortgaged, pledged or under arrest
  • report on expert assessment of the land
  • extraction from the State Land Cadastre in relation to the land

What taxes and fees are paid by the parties to the transaction when buying land?

  • State duty in the amount of 1% of the price of the land
  • Military tax – 1.5% of the price of the land
  • Personal income tax at 5% of the price of the land (IMPORTANT!!! It is paid only if the land plot has been in the possession of the owner for less than 3 years or this is the second sale of land during the year)
  • Payment for notary services
  • The cost of assessing the land

When will the land market be opened for foreigners in Ukraine?

The decision will be made at an all-Ukrainian referendum. Its date has not been determined.