How to get a TIN number Ukraine (identification code) for a foreign citizen

TIN – identification code (the official name is the registration number of the taxpayer account card (RNUKPN)). TIN is an analogue of TIN (Tax identification numbers) for the USA and Europe. In Russia, the name is similar – TIN.

When a TIN is needed for a foreign citizen.

Conventionally, the cases when a foreigner needs a TIN can be divided into two groups.

A foreigner needs to transfer or receive funds on the territory of Ukraine (receive insurance compensation, fees, etc.)

A foreigner must take legally significant actions on the territory of Ukraine (formalize an inheritance, buy or sell an apartment, buy a car, etc., in more detail – here)

Who issues the TIN to foreigners in Ukraine.

State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFS), or rather, its regional divisions. Thus, a foreigner can get a TIN in the area in which he is located. In Kiev, this is the Main Directorate of the State Fiscal Service in Kiev.

Do I need registration or place of residence in Ukraine to obtain a TIN.


Is it possible to get a TIN by proxy.

Yes. There are two options:

A foreign citizen issues a power of attorney in Ukraine. Everything is simple here. This can be done at any notary.

A foreign citizen issues a power of attorney in the host country (foreign state). More difficult. This power of attorney must be legalized. Depending on the country in which the power of attorney was issued, it will be necessary to carry out the consular legalization procedure or to put an apostille on the power of attorney.

When issuing a power of attorney abroad, there are many legal nuances. If you wish to obtain a TIN under a power of attorney issued in a foreign country, we strongly recommend that you use the help of migration lawyers.

Terms of issuing TIN to a foreign citizen.

The standard term is 5 – 6 business days. Weekends and holidays are excluded. Thus, the whole procedure can take 7 – 8 days.

If you need to get a TIN in 1 day, then you can contact the migration lawyers of Shablin Consulting. We will do it.

What documents are needed in order to issue a TIN for a foreign citizen.

Translation of the passport of a foreign citizen.

Important! The TIN cannot be issued using the internal passport of a citizen of a foreign state. To obtain a TIN, you must use only passport documents, which gives you the right to cross the border with Ukraine.

Obtaining a TIN by a foreign citizen. Features.

Registration of TIN by a foreign citizen is only one of many requirements for carrying out certain actions on the territory of Ukraine.

For example, if you want to open a bank account, then it is enough to get a TIN. However, you will not be able to fully use this bank card / bank account (receive, transfer funds, etc.) until you provide the bank with documents about your place of residence (rental agreement for a room, apartment, etc.).


Migration lawyers of Shablin Consulting will not only help you to quickly and easily obtain a TIN in Ukraine, but will also provide qualified legal support on all matters of buying / selling real estate (land / apartment / house) in Ukraine, inheritance registration.

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