Invitation for a foreigner

When you need an invitation to Ukraine.

  1. For the issuance of a short-term visa “C” (C type visas are issued in cases where a foreigner/stateless person intends to stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days within every 180 days)
  2. For the issuance of a long-term visa “D” (D type visas are issued in cases where a foreigner/stateless person intends to apply for a temporary residence permitto stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days)


Who can issue an invitation.

  • Individuals (citizen of Ukraine or foreigner legally residing in Ukraine).

The invitation must be notarized and shall contain information provided by law.

  • Legal entities (registered in Ukraine).

The invitation is presented on the official letterhead. Requirements for the text are established by law.


Cost of services for executing invitations to foreign nationals to Ukraine:

  • Business invitation (from a legal entity, company) – 750 UAH.

Suitable for people who come to Ukraine for business contacts

  • Invitation from an individual (guest invitation) – 1000 UAH.

This is the best option for people traveling to relatives, for a tourist destination or for private affairs.

  • Invitation from non-governmental organization – 2500 UAH.

Used by citizens who want to visit Ukraine to participate in socially useful activities or volunteer projects.

  • An invitation from an educational institution (university) – 25000 UAH.

Ideal for students and individuals who have education (doctors, engineers, programmers, lawyers, etc.)


Official and supplementary payments.


Our advantages.

  • Professionalism. Correctly, with all the requirements of the legislation, we will prepare an invitation that is necessary for you.
  • Experience. We have been working in the market of migration services since 2011 year.
  • Faultless legal service. We are always ready to answer you on any question related to migration law.
  • Comprehensive approach. We work until we reach a positive result. An invitation made by our specialists will not cause censures by government agencies.

Important! If you do not have an individual or a company (legal entity) who are ready to act as an inviting party, we will help you with this issue. The cost of services is discussed separately.

Required Documents.

  • Passport details of a foreigner
  • Passport details of the inviting party



• Consultation, preparation of documents,  agreement on all matters relating to the executing invitations to foreign nationals to Ukraine.
  • Executing and issuance of an invitation to foreign nationals to Ukraine.

The most popular questions. Our specialists answer.

Who needs an invitation?

An invitation to Ukraine is necessary only to those citizens of foreign states who do not have the right to visit Ukraine without visas “C” and “D”.

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