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When you need an invitation to Ukraine for a foreigner in 2021.

  1. For registration of a short-term visa “C” (issued for a stay in Ukraine for a period not exceeding 90 days within 180 days from the date of the first entry)
  2. To obtain a long-term visa “D” (issued for a stay in Ukraine for a period of more than 90 days)

 Who can issue the invitation?

  • Individuals (citizens of Ukraine or foreigners who are legally in Ukraine).

The invitation is drawn up in a notarial form. Should contain information provided by law.

  • Legal entities (registered on the territory of Ukraine).

The invitation is issued on the official letterhead of the company. Requirements for the text are established by law.

Cost of services for inviting a foreigner to Ukraine:

  • Business invitation (from a legal entity, company).

Suitable for people who come to Ukraine for business contacts

  • Invitation from a private person (guest invitation).

This is the best option for people who are going to visit relatives or for tourist purposes.

  • An invitation on our behalf (a business invitation from a lawyer).

For those traveling on private business.

  • Invitation from a non-governmental public organization.

Used by citizens who are eager to visit Ukraine to participate in socially useful activity or volunteer project.

  • An invitation from an educational institution (university).

Ideal for students and individuals with education (doctors, engineers, programmers, lawyers, etc.)

Official and additional payments.


Our key advantages.

  • Correctly, in compliance with all legal requirements, we will prepare the invitation you need.
  • We have been representing clients in the migration services market since 2011.
  • Impeccable legal service. Always in touch as well as ready to advise you on any issue related to migration law.
  • A complex approach. We work until a positive result is achieved. The invitation issued by our specialists will not cause complaints from government agencies.

Pay attention! If there is no individual or company (legal entity) who is ready to act as an inviting party, we will help you with the solution to this issue. The cost of such services is negotiated separately.

Necessary documents.

  • Passport Information of a foreigner
  • Passport Information of the inviting party

This is not all that is needed. Our immigration lawyers will take care of the correct execution of other documents.


  • Consultations, preparation of documents, coordination of all issues related to the issuance of an invitation in Ukraine.
  • Registration and issuance of an invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine.

The most popular questions that our specialists answer.

Citizens of which countries need an invitation?

An invitation to Ukraine is necessary only for those citizens of foreign states who are not entitled to visit Ukraine without issuing visas “C” and “D”.

Do Russian citizens need to get an invitation to Ukraine?

  1. According to Ukrainian legislation, an invitation for Russian citizens to travel to Ukraine is not required.
  2. The border guards, guided by their internal instructions, check whether the citizens of Russia have an invitation.
  3. To avoid conflicts with Ukrainian border guards, we recommend having an invitation to visit Ukraine.

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