Registration of a company (LLC) in Ukraine for foreigners in 2021

In Ukraine, there are many forms in which it is possible to register a firm / company / enterprise for citizens of foreign countries.

From specific (PAT – public joint stock company, ODO – additional liability company), the registration of which takes several months, to standard – PE (private enterprise) and LLC (limited liability company).

Limited Liability Company is the most common form of business for foreigners in Ukraine.

Benefits of registering an LLC by foreigners:

  1. Registration period is 1-2 days;
  2. The ability to open an LLC with one founder, with two or more founders;
  3. The founders can be both individuals and legal entities. It can also be non-residents (foreign citizens and companies);
  4. The founders are not liable to personal property for the debts of the enterprise (only in the amount of their contributions). Thus, creditors and the state (if there is a debt to the tax and other authorities) will not be able to claim reimbursement of the company’s debts at the expense of property and funds that belong to you personally;
  5. The ability to “freeze” activities and not pay taxes.
  6. The law allows you to have an unlimited number of employees.
  7. Lack of requirements for the size of the authorized capital of the enterprise. The minimum value has not been established. This allows you to reduce the costs of registering a company;
  8. The right of the founder / founders to sell their share in the LLC;
  9. Registration can be carried out at the actual address or at the location of the rented premises, as well as at the “virtual” address.
  10. The choice of any taxation regime, including the simplified one.
  11. Conditions for registering an enterprise in the form of an LLC by foreigners.

The presence of foreigners when registering an LLC is not required.

  • A foreign citizen only needs to issue a notarized power of attorney to our lawyer. This can be done not in Ukraine, and then send a power of attorney to the address of our office.
  • You can issue a power of attorney at any notary in accordance with our sample.
  • It is necessary to provide a minimum set of documents (scanned copy of a passport, etc.), as well as obtain a TIN (we wrote about how to do this here). In the case of working with our company, we will receive the TIN here.

The list of documents that are prepared by lawyers for registration of an LLC:

  • the decision of the founders to establish a company. Original or copy (certified by a notary). Drawn up by protocol;
    original charter;
  • application for registration of the company, in the form approved by law;
  • a copy of the passport and identification code of the founder (s), as well as the head (if appointed not from among the founders of the LLC).

Documents that you will receive after registration:

  • charter;
  • extract from the register of enterprises;
  • a package of documents for opening a bank account.

Services that are included in the cost of opening an LLC:

  • preparation of the charter and protocol (decision) of the founders on the establishment of an LLC;
  • payment of all necessary payments (including notary);
  • support in the execution of documents by a notary;
  • consultation on the correct filling of the company’s activities (KVED);
  • formation of a package of documents for submission to the registrar;
  • registration of an LLC with tax and other government agencies (if necessary);
  • preparation of documents for the purpose of opening a bank account.

What is our advantage over other companies?

  1. In case of registration of an LLC by our lawyers, we can carry out the delivery of the first tax returns.
  2. Consultation on the choice of KVED and taxation system. As practice shows, mistakes in choosing the method of paying taxes at this stage lead to significant costs and unnecessary overpayments.
  3. We additionally provide services for obtaining the status of a single tax payer or VAT payer.
  4. Personnel service. Full personnel support for the hiring of the first 5 employees (filing a notice to the tax office, preparing orders, staffing, etc.).
  5. The cost of our services includes expert legal advice on setting up a business.

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