Temporary residence permit in Ukraine in 2021. Full service

One of the ways of legal residence in Ukraine is to obtain a temporary residence permit. We recommend getting it if you have no reason for obtaining a permanent residence permit.

The procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit.

The first. Main.

To obtain a temporary residence permit, you must have certain grounds. They are specified in the Law and are not subject to extended interpretation.

The second. You get the right to apply for a temporary residence permit if:

  1. You have got a work permit in Ukraine
  2. You arrived for study
  3. You arrived for reunification with your husband/wife and he/she is a citizen of Ukraine
  4. You arrived for reunification with your husband/wife and he/she is legally in Ukraine (has a temporary or permanent residence permit and is not a citizen of Ukraine)
  5. You married a citizen of Ukraine.
  6. You arrived to participate in the implementation of international technical assistance projects.
  7. You arrived at the invitation of a religious organization.
  8. You arrived to work in a non-governmental organization of a foreign state.
  9. You arrived to work in a branch (representative office) of a foreign company or bank.
  10. You arrived to participate in volunteer activities.
  11. You arrived to work as a correspondent or representative of a foreign media.
  12. You are the founder of a company registered in Ukraine and profits to control its activities.

The third. What to do if you didn’t find suitable grounds.

Do not worry. Migration lawyer of our company will help you in resolving this issue. We know how to make sure that you have a reason for obtaining a temporary residence permit. We will create them.

Temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Price.

The cost of our services for registration of a residence permit is from 5000 UAH. (depending on the grounds)

Official and other payments. 

Important! All official and unofficial payments are already included in the cost of our services. If you work with us, you will not have to incur additional costs. There are no additional payments.

This rule does not apply only to the notarized translation of documents into the Ukrainian language. The cost for one document is 250 UAH.

Our advantages when applying for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

  • Constant communication with the client. Always in touch and we advise on all issues of obtaining a residence permit.
  • Guaranteed results. We offer you the best way to obtain a residence permit based on our experience and knowledge of the “inner” side of paperwork for foreigners.
  • An integrated approach to work. If you are with us, then you will not need to do anything else. We deal with the issue before the final decision. We prepare all the documents (without exceptions) that are necessary for obtaining a residence permit.
  • The price already includes all services (except for the translation of documents). You do not pay the costs associated with the issuance of powers of attorney, government fees, etc.
  • Significant work experience. We know what to do and we do it quickly.
  • Maintenance of all processes. Your visit to all institutions takes place only with the participation of our representative or by agreement reached in advance (they are waiting for you and want to see).

Required documents. 

To obtain a residence permit you need to have (required):

  • passport
  • insurance (we help in obtaining it)

This is not a complete list.

A specific list of documents depends on what ground you will get a temporary residence permit.

If you have a passport, we will prepare all other official papers for you and this is already included in the cost of our services.


  1. Consultation and analysis of documents. We explain to you all the issues related to obtaining a temporary residence permit, examine your documents and determine the best course of action.
  2. Collection of the required package of documents. We are preparing all official papers for a positive resolution of the issue.
  3. Submission of documents. We coordinate all questions on your documents with representatives of the migration service and submit them.
  4. Monitoring the consideration of documents. We track procedure for consideration of documents submitted.
  5. Obtaining a temporary residence permit.

We can advise you on obtaining a temporary residence permit. The consultation is FREE!!! Contact us today!

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