Наши услуги


  • We work on all grounds (marriage, business, employment, volunteering, etc.)
  • Selection of the best option for foreigners



  • We work with quota and non-quota types
  • Full support of the entire process until a positive result



  • We find a way out even from desperate situations
  • More than 70 successful cases


  • Preparation of the entire package of documents
  • We guarantee that you obtain this permit in 10 days


  • Creation in 1 day with registration in the registration book
  • We open accounts and provide accounting support


  • We arrange everything without the presence of a foreigner
  • We can do it in 1 day

Наш опыт

A team of professional immigration attorneys and lawyers helps clients feel confident.

7 years

on the market of legal
services in the field of the immigration law


clients who have received a permanent residence permit in Ukraine


issued temporary residence permits (from volunteering and marriage to starting a business)


Business Residence permit (for 3 years)

LLC registration 450 USD

Labour pass 750 USD

Residence permit for 3 years 700 USD

Всего1 850 USD


Business Residence permit (for 1 year)

LLC registration

Labour pass

Residence permit for 1 years

Всего1 450 USD


Volunteering Residence permit (for 1 year)

Preparation of a package of documents 850 USD

Medical insurance 100 USD

Registration in Kyiv for 1 year 200 USD

Всего1 250 USD


Marriage Residence permit (for 1 year)

Preparation of a package of documents 100 USD

Medical insurance 100 USD

Registration support 100 USD

Всего100 USD


Employment Residence permit (from 1 to 3 years)

Preparation of documents for a work permit 100 USD

The governmental charge for a work permit 100 USD

Preparation of documents for residence permit 100 USD

Всего100 USD


Company registration

Obtaining a taxpayer ID number for the founder 100 USD

Registration of LLC (notary, registrar)150 USD

Registered office address for 1 year 50 USD

Всего450 USD


частые вопросы

What guarantees do you give for the result?
1. We will refund your money if you are not given a residence permit due to our fault.
2. We will refund your money if we violate the terms of preparation of documents.
3. We will refund your money if we make a mistake in the documents.
Is it possible to come to your office?
Sure. The office is open from 09.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday. You can always come to a personal consultation with a lawyer. This is not paid. We always answer online.
What separates you from other companies?
1. We do receive clients at the office. Many "off-grade" migration companies do not have an office and do not meet with clients. Notice that hey persuade clients to do everything remotely.
2. We conclude an agreement with clients, in which our obligations are clearly spelled out.
3. Our lawyers accompany the entire process until the result is obtained.
Is there a separate fee for meetings with a lawyer?
No. This is prohibited by our rules.
Many "non-professional" migration companies offer foreigners only paperwork.
They send foreigners to submit them to the migration service on their own.
Such pseudo-companies do not have professional lawyers for this. Or they charge extra for it and hire outside lawyers to file the documents.
In Kyiv, our lawyers always submit documents for a residence permit together with the client. It is not paid separately.
Do you conclude an agreement on the provision of legal services?
On a mandatory basis. We sign a contract with a client in our office or send it to a client if they are not in Ukraine.
How can you pay for services?
We are registered as a company. For this reason, we issue an invoice to the client and accept payment into the company's bank account.
If desired, the client has an opportunity to choose any other convenient payment method.
Do you have any hidden fees?
No. The price indicated on the website already includes all costs that are paid on the territory of Ukraine (notary services, translations, official payments, etc.).
Attention! The only costs that are not included in our price list are the cost of obtaining the type "D" visa. Because the amount of this payment is paid at the embassy/consulate of Ukraine abroad and depends on the citizenship of the foreigner (mostly $60).
Is medical insurance included in the price?
The cost, which is indicated on the website, includes medical insurance for obtaining the type "D" visa, as well as the price of medical insurance for obtaining a residence permit.

Наша команда

Attorney / Advocate. 19 years of work experience. Specialization - a temporary resident identity card in Ukraine.
Attorney / Advocate. 12 years of work experience. Specialization – a permanent residence permit and citizenship of Ukraine.
Head Lawyer. 14 years of work experience. Specialization - registration of companies, taxpayer ID number, employment.

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